Excess Baggage

Excess Baggage

At the beginning, friend, you did not feel at ease with the weight of the suitcase in which you carried your life. The content of your bag held the blossoms of existence: life pulsating intensely, freedom pleading for space, experiences calling for a time in which to happen, projects challenging limits and ideals searching for accomplishment. Finally, what you carried in your bag was life asking for permission to be lived and experienced in a world of uncountable possibilities.

Time passed by, life happened and without taking notice your bag has become overweight today. What do you carry in your bag, companion? What do you carry, that is so indispensable? What prevents you from getting rid of the excess?

Your bag seems to be full of past remembrances, beliefs and experiences which were both lived and felt. Your bag is also filled with feelings. In one corner, we can identify sorrows, resentments, griefs, disenchantments and frustrations.

In another corner, we identify the worries of today: the uncertainties of tomorrow, the inevitabilities of life, the lack of perspective and the emptiness of an existence that inexorably follows its destiny.

In the center, your fears occupy the largest space – a fear of getting old, the fear of losing one´s autonomy, the fear of suffering, the fear, at last, of making do without the things that we miss.

Yes. Your bag is heavy. All your luggage extenders have been packed to the brim. In the few empty corners you keep the consequences of an agitated and stressed life, marked by compromises, obligations and expectations.

And the joy for living, dear reader? Where have you packet it? Have you by chance forgotten to take it with you or did you place it in the external pockets of your bag, on the list of things with much less importance?

Today a question cannot be silenced: what should we do with our bags? Empty them, would that be the solution? I do not believe so. Certain things will always be present in our lives: joy and sadness, peace and inquietude, health and sickness, abundance and lack, fantasy and disenchantment. Through a new look, we will have to transform the content of our bags into a new format of goals. We will surely be happier and appeased beings when we finally know how to select what is essential for us today. We need to bring a new sense to our lives. Hence, we will surely live a life asking for an encore.

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