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  • ENOUGH! Everything Has A Limit

    The trilogy, STRIKING THE GAVEL, includes the works: “STOP! I Can’t Take It Any More”, “ENOUGH! Everything Has A Limit”, and “ULTIMATUM”, and advances existential situations that all of us must confront throughout our lives. Our natures, because of our fears, discomfort, the accommodations we make, and so many other feelings, tend to align with situations that destroy our most genuine selves, although it may cost us an unbearable price. They also endure many injuries over a long period of time. Then, our natures become sick, revolt, and, finally, rebel. Through this process, they, then, transform so much restrained and repressed anger into redeeming and creative energy. Finally, at the turning point of physical, psychological and emotional exhaustion, as an act of love to ourselves, our natures become capable of saying good-bye to what has been restraining us in “STOP and “ ENOUGH”, and deliver an “ULTIMATUM” to those people, situations and circumstances which have been impeding us. Digital File, available in PDF. The material can be printed or saved on a tablet, usb drive or CD.