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    The trilogy, “THE PROCESS OF HUMAN LIBERATION”, was inspired by the play, “Socrates, Judgement and Condemnation”, written by the autor. The first book in the trilogy, “LISTEN TO YOUR HEART”, presents human conflict in a courageous and impassioned style. Man, in his inner cave, comes in contact with his fears, impasses, conflicts, frustrations, and so many other feelings while searching for individualization. This leads to a new perspective on life, which some reject, by promptly closing their eyes. Some plug their ears and many others are left in a continuous cycle of suspension while rationalizing their fears. In fact, only a few feel free and open enough to change. In the second book, “LOOSEN YOUR CHAINS”, Man forsakes his old beliefs, adjusts to his new paradigms, relinquishes some dreams and finds the courage to face up to the emptiness of the transition period. In the third book, “LIBERATE YOUR LIFE”, Man bids good-bye to the borrowed ideals that were imposed on him and flies freely, on the most surprising and solitary flight of his life. Digital File, avaliable in PDF. The material can be printed or saved on a tablet, pendrive or CD.