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    HOW TO BE YOUR OWN LIFE COACH unmasks the perceptions that the author has uncovered regarding the business world as it operates in our contemporaneous society, as well as her attentive insights into the transformations that function within us, for our growth as human beings. This book leads us to reflect on themes which are always current in our lives, such as change, desire, crisis, power, stress, and happiness, as well as our feelings regarding our choices, defenses and emotions. It is a book for those seeking self-knowledge and includes a great amount of psychological content for that purpose. Most assuredly, these 80 essays, which contain relevant viewpoints for both the corporate and personal spheres of human development, will afford the reader, the motive to advance, achieving more in his life, and to realize how to live a life marked by tangible and enriching success. Digital File, available in PDF. The material can be printed or saved on a tablet, usb drive or CD.