The trilogy, THE FLUIDITY OF LIFE, was conceived with a great intent: to let those perceptions emerge from deep inside us, that lead us to understand how our inner processes block our ability to live our lives in fluidity. It is impossible to exist comfortably using our old paradigms after reading these three books. They guide us to plunge into deep waters which can sometimes be agitated and potentially devastating. However, because the author has mastered the art of striking at the heart of our emotions, she teaches each reader how to gain his/her own freedom. These books will motivate those who are highly interested in searching within themselves for the tools to control their own lives. In describing the author’s poetic vision, one reviewer stated, “Luciane’s books are as beautiful as Van Gogh’s sunflowers which never feel intimidated by the Sun.” The three books in the trilogy, FLOWS OF PERCEPTION, FLOWS OF CONSCIOUSNESS and FLOWS OF PERCEPTION, can be read separately, at no inconvenience. Digital File, available in PDF. The material can be printed or saved on a tablet, usb drive or CD.

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