• A New Look on Life

    The title of this book arouses thousands of sparks and flashes in our minds. After reading it, nothing remains the same in its original outlook. The author brilliantly invites us to transform our views about all those experiences we have lived through since our birth. To be who we are today, we bring as baggage all the content that belongs to us, such as the seeds of our characters, and the environment in which we live. These operate like cultural incubators for all the positive and negative influences we received from those who took care of us and raised us. This is how we build our “identities” and become persons.

  • Finding Happiness in Our Changing World

    As a matter of fact, we have been living through some hard and difficult times. Nothing is maintained in the same way any longer, much less forever. Changes occur without asking anyone for permission. We have to hasten in order not to miss the train of history. These are troubled and unsettling times that do not allow us to adjust to the many transformations that have come about so abruptly. We must either open our arms to the new or we will be left behind.

    The book, Finding Happiness  In Our Changing  World, presents 40 texts inspired by both the pleasures and displeasures of today’s times. I am a highly positive person. I believe in Man just as I am sure he will encounter the right equilibrium that will lead him to a more consistent and tangible happiness for all.

  • Reprogramming and Reinventing your Life

    We have been living in a time when the operative word is INNOVATION and this state of spirit has brought about significant behavioral changes. We find that we must reinvent who we are constantly if we want to be included and active in this contemporary society. We must keep reinventing ourselves to protect ourselves from being connected to the past that of course, once had had its era, but that now no longer exists.

    It is not easy to bid farewell to those concepts and values that had served like a guiding light for many generations. However, it is necessary to practice a state of detachment from them if we want to feel included and constructive in this new world. This is the fundamental theme of this book. Thus, we need to open our arms to reinventing ourselves until the end of our days.

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